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Why Do My Knees Hurt From Running?

There are 4 main causes of knee pain while running.

  1. Weak Hips
  2. Weak Thighs (Quads)
  3. Tight Hamstrings
  4. Tight IT Band

To fix your knee pain while running, you need to either strengthen or lengthen the supporting muscles. Strengthening weak hips and week thighs can be done in many manners including running hills, strength training and plyometrics.

To truly change the flexibility in tight muscles, stretches must be held for at least 3 minutes. Stretches less than 3 minutes affect neurological changes of the muscles. Stretches greater than 3 minutes lengthen the muscle tissues.

Cure Knee Pain From Running

This simple routine is a start to relieving knee pain. Use it in conjunction with other strengthening and flexibility exercises. The routine should be done every other day until the pain lessens. In serious cases, please consult with a doctor.

  • 30 Bridges – lay on back in sit up position and lift your back so there is a straight line from shoulder to knees. This is 1 rep.
  • 15 Single Leg Raises to each side
  • 15 stomach leg raises to each side – same as single leg raises but done while laying on your stomach
  • 15 side leg raises to each side- lay on your side and lift your leg to the side, away from your body
  • 15 laying hamstring curls to each leg – lay on your stomach and take 3 seconds to raise your heel to your buttocks. Squeeze your hamstring and buttocks. Release. That is 1 rep.
  • 3 minute laying hamstring stretch – lay on your back and using a towel, raise 1 leg to almost 90 degrees while keeping the other flat on the ground. The key is to keep both legs straight through the knee and to gently raise the leg a little more as the stretch progresses.

Good luck and good running!

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  1. Jon
    Posted May 17, 2011 at 3:44 am | Permalink

    Actually, the main reason that you knees hurt when running is the massive strain that you are putting on them – each stride is a few times of your body weight landing on each knee. The factors that you have listed may accentuate/aleviate this. But, there is a reason most runners have knee problems at some point…and thats down to physics (i.e. gravity!) and physiology (i.e. massive strain on knee joints).

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